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Little Publicity: Cheeseburger Smoothies

Jamba Juice vs. McDonalds

Cheeseburger smoothies may just be the most inventive thing this summer. My friend Alivia came across this rather genius marketing ad that rather effectively puts down McDonald’s entry into the smoothie business: “McDonald’s serving smoothies is like Jamba Juice trying to serve cheeseburgers.” It just doesn’t make sense!

Here’s the McDonald’s smoothie ad:

McDonald’s definitely just called out for being a poser. O hey now Jamba Juice, play nice.

Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.

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Street Stuff: McDonalds

Everyday marketing we see on the streets

I know, its just a McDonald’s fry cup holder thing, but wait. Do you know other places where you can order fries and it comes in its own noticeable fry cup holder thing? Not really. Order fries at Vera’s Burger and it comes wrapped in foil. This was actually a piece of trash I walked past on my way home, but it made me turn around and take a picture of it because it passes the test of having captured my attention and having done the “normal” differently. Don’t worry, I did throw this away, but not before having thought about how McDonald’s really does do advertising and marketing well (See Previous Post). So what do you think?

If you were words on a page. You’d be what they call FINE PRINT.

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Little Publicity: French McDonald’s Ad Part 2

If McDonald’s really wanted to have targeted marginalized groups then an equivalent ad would be a white server bringing in a black man into McDonalds followed by the words ‘Come as you are’.

The controversy revolves around the French McDonald’s ad (See Previous Post) and wether or not this ad was ethical. I’ve defined an ethical ad to be one that communicates to a target audience a product that the company wishes to sell or wishes to position itself in the consumer’s mind. I’ve defined an unethical ad as being one that creates controversy or publicity for publicity’s sake. It all comes down to intention. What was McDonald’s trying to gain out of this ad? Why do they target a marginalized group?

To understand the ad we have to look at the larger campaign: ‘Come as you are’ is the message.See the difference? This ad isn’t controversial because it doesn’t target a marginalized group. They are practically two different ads running on supposedly the same campaign. What this says to me is that McDonald’s created this ad for publicity’s sake. The irony however is that this ad worked. I asked my LGBT friends what they thought of this ad. The vast majority see McDonald’s in a more positive light. They felt the ad made them feel inclusive and they were glad they felt like a company was taking them seriously as both a market/ consumer group and as people that could actually be depicted on television. No one however felt more inclined to eat McDonalds, but that’s perhaps because most of them didn’t eat it before. A lot of them did ask the question: “What do gays and McDonalds even have in common?”. Thats a branding issue however and perhaps worthy of its own blog post for a later date.

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Little Publicity: French McDonald’s Ad

What do you think of the ad below? I personally don’t eat McDonalds, but I do admire some of their advertising, in fact I think McDonald campaigns are genius: (See Previous Post)

This ad however is already creating quite the stir and from Buyology by Martin Lindstrom he proves that publicity actually sells. I wander however if this is shameless publicity riding on a controversial topic. What do gays and McDonalds have anything to do with each other?

This is part of a larger campaign with this ad focusing on its gay friendly image. What do you think? Is this effective, does it make you want to buy McDonalds? Or is this immoral in which case should companies not create publicity for publicity’s sake but rather create ads that are actually meaningful to their target market?

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Little Ads: McDonalds

An outdoor ad by McDonalds that I find to be incredibly genius. I don’t know about you but I would  definitely be standing with my cellphone out just trying to catch something. Interactive, contemporary and clearly visible. This ad does a new twist (Interactive Game) on something old (Billboards).

What time is it? Pancake time! or no matter what time it is, its McDonald’s time.

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