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Little Extra: What physics taught me about marketing

I love TED talks.

Perhaps I love this talk because I learnt about marketing through art history, but marketing principles apply through the common sense of other practices.

‎’Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’

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Little Extra: The Genius of the Everyday Object

Everything that is necessary has already been created. Now we’re really just in a world of over consumption and unnecessary luxuries. I came across this article Appreciating the Genius of Everyday Objects by Kaomi Goetz and its really just a compilation of objects that are about to be shown in the Vitra Design Museum. I love the little tidbits and stories about how each object was created, like the egg carton which was created in British Columbia (Damn Straight!). I’m not even Canadian, but I feel proud.

The Lipstick was once banned as an ‘incantation of Satan’ and regarded as something for prostitutes

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Bits of Bobs: Smart Colours Should Talk Less

Favourite Articles

Twighlight Sequel Aims for a New Audience: Guys by Bryan Alexander

  • I find this article quite hilarious. They are trying to market Twighlight to guys by highlighting the facts that this last movie is darker than the previous ones. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure its a waste of effort. The movie is already quite branded as being heavily childish and for girls. If they really wanted to market this movie to guys they should have perhaps thought of Scarlett Johansson instead of Kristen Stewart. Just Saying.

Do not overshare just because you can by Drew McLellan

  • We need to verbal diarrhea less. Stop talking about ourselves and start joining in conversations about things we are passionate about and people we want to meet. I’m guilty of all of the above in all honesty, but I am trying to cut down on how much gushes out of my mouth.

The Brightest Employees aren’t always the best by John Warrillow

  • O wow this article really makes me want to join the workforce now (sarcasm included). This article is about how employees that go above and beyond perhaps aren’t the best employees. I don’t know about you but isn’t this disheartening to know that some companies actually don’t want you to challenge yourself and do the best for your customers as possible. All I can say is John Warrillow, you are a brown cow.

Cool Company

Sensational Colour

A company all about colour. This to me is pretty interesting because I’ve thought about the importance of colour before in terms of what colour I wanted this blog as well as things such as business cards etc. Sensational colour writes all about the meanings of certain colours as well as what colours businesses can choose for themselves that will best fit the personality of the place. I would say this is a nice to have after the companies been established and they want to strengthen the brand, but its an interesting concept for a company to be dedicated solely to colour.

“I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.”
– Muhammad Ali

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Bits and Bobs: Books, Shoes and another Facebook?

Favourite Articles

Summer Reading Picks From Dan Pink, Seth Godin, Eliot Spitzer, and More by William Taylor

  • For those that don’t know, Seth Godin is the practically the king of marketing and Dan Pink is also a highly respected. Read what they read, or at least what they recommend.

Rumor: Google to Launch Facebook Competitor, “Google Me” by Dan Nosowitz

  • Would you consider switching out of Facebook? I’ve definitely considered it before and wouldn’t a Google run Facebook be a logical competitor. For now its all rumours, but hey if Google doesn’t try to screw with my privacy then they’ve got me on board.

Small Town Gets a Boost from theTwilight Craze by Issie Lapowsky

  • I’m already hating myself for posting about Twilight but the idea of product placement in books is really interesting to me. A lot of fans are going to the town where Twilight was written about. I wander if companies will start paying authors to incorporate their products in their books because I’m pretty sure sales would increase.

Cool Company


Zappos is in no way a small interesting company (I apologize beforehand). In fact its a HUGE company but they are still absolutely mind blowing. They are the 23rd best company to work for according to the Fortune 100 and they are known for their outstanding customer service. One story revolves around a customer calling Zappos because their hotel’s pizza delivery service had closed. The Zappos representative found pizza places nearby that were still open. Did I mention Zappos is an online shoe company? Now that’s amazing customer service and a very very cool company.

“Happiness never decreases by being shared” – Buddha

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Bits and Bobs: McDonalds and Cats. Got Any Ideas?

Favourite Articles

Big Blunders Job Hunters Make by Sarah E. Needleman

  • Big interview No No’s like people trying to buy their way into a job or bringing their baby. Its funny to see what people have done, but its scary to think whether or not you’ve done it yourself.

Is McDonald’s Breaking the Law by Putting Toys in Happy Meals by Sean Gregory

  • McDonald’s is being sued. That’s normal news but what is interesting is that they are being sued for having toys in their Happy Meals. The argument is that companies shouldn’t advertise to young kids (I agree), and the counter argument is that parents should learn to say no to their kids (I agree with this too). My opinion is companies need to buck up and so should parents (Ouch!).

Ideas Are a Commodity, It’s Execution Intelligence That Matters by Rob Adams

  • I like to think I have good ideas, but the truth is we all do. Good ideas no longer mean anything. Its all about execution.

Cool Company

Kitty Card

What if you saw a bunch of women coming out of an event in cat-women-like outfits? What would most likely happen is that guys would be drooling and girls would be telling their guys to stop the drooling. I’m not so much a fan of the kitty card  product, but I do think their events are quite word of mouth wonderful. According to my friend, she saw a bunch of “happy, beautiful women coming out of a club wearing kitty ears”. This to me is genius marketing. The cat ears are visible so people will notice, but its also brand appropriate yet different enough to get people talking. Genius word of mouth marketing and a big thanks to my friend Alivia for the tip.

    “Told ghost stories with friends last night. Now wondering whether ghosts sit around campfires and tell each other people stories?”

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    Little Publicity: The Old Spice Revolution

    I am eating up Old Spice’s marketing campaign.

    Old Spice Voicemail

    Personalized messages for your phone that include “I am away right now cracking walnuts with my mind”. (Click Here)

    Old Spice Responds

    Old Spice is replying to tweets through youtube videos. I wish I could express how GENIUS this is. Word of mouth marketing is all about companies taking part in the conversation that consumers have about them. This has raised the bar and will probably set a whole new trend in how marketing and customer service will now be done. Just wait, you’ll see. (Click Here)

    Be a Man, Man.

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    Bits and Bobs: FIFA, Death and the Meaning of it All

    Favourite Articles

    FIFA World Cup 2010 Marketing Roundup by Rohit Bhargava

    • Rohit Bhargava’s blog is a must for anyone serious about marketing. This blog was recommended to me by my professor and today’s article comes from one of his posts. This one’s a little more fun and just about interesting advertising for FIFA, but his other blog posts are extremely insightful and applicable too.

    Skip the Small Talk by Melinda Wenner Boyer

    • Meaningful conversations make you happier. Or at least happier people tend to have more meaningful conversations than unhappy people. So cut the chit chat and get down and dirty.

    If Your Company Went Out of Business, Would Anybody Notice? by William Taylor

    • If you died would anybody notice? I’m hoping that many of you answered yes to this question but I don’t think a lot of companies could say this. It all comes down to how we should all live more meaningful lives (Although I must admit, I haven’t found out what my purpose is either), so think about it, but don’t get depressed about it.

    Cool Company


    We are the era of entitlement. We believe that we deserve everything and anything, but what if we had to work for what we wanted? (scary thought, I know). Most of us already know about Groupon, everyday there’s some sort of daily special discount. Act Bolder has a similar concept, but makes you work for what you want. Everyday they post a challenge like “turn a car trip into a bike trip” and if you complete the challenge, you’re entitled to win discounts from the company that sponsored the daily challenge. What if universities or companies had daily challenges for their employees or students? If you hug a random student on campus today and you can get a discount on all your textbooks or bike to school today instead of using your car and get a free maintenance repair at the bike shop. Challenge the world to be better and reward them for doing it.

    Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

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