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MOIT: Hello French McDonalds

MOIT: Meaning Of It All

MOIT was inspired by my friend Alivia and its my personal opinion on the results of some of the blog posts that I have had in the past.

Hello got 148 views

The about page is the most important page of all. This might be a large statement but its proven by facts. As the most viewed item on my blog the about page is the first place everyone goes. Common sense really, but why are so many about pages so boring then, or hard to find, not to mention sometimes so complicated it really didn’t explain anything at all in the first place.

Little Publicity: French McDonald’s Ad got 4th highest amount of views

You could say it was because this ad was extremely controversial but the reason this particular blog got so many views was because when I wrote it, I really wanted to know other people’s opinions so I sent this blog post to all my LGBT friends and they forwarded to others that they knew. When you write something that’s relevant, people care. (Its all about the target audience)

Little Publicity: Granola got 6th highest amount of views

We love David and Goliath Stories. This blog post was about some random stranger getting more publicity and doing more innovative things than the company itself. The asian guy is David and Quaker Oats is Goliath. Goliath is definitely losing on the publicity front with the asian guy getting more than 20 000 views whereas Quaker Oats has only 1000 views. BIG difference.

The problem with political jokes is they get elected

Lots of Little Love