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MOIT: Football Playing Dogs Hate McDonalds

MOIT: Meaning Of It All

My personal opinion on the results of some of the blog posts that I have had in the past.

Street Stuff: Doggie Post

According to your votes Doggie Post was one of the few pieces of marketing that you actually thought was not only just genius but also more likely to make you buy. As consumers we buy because of benefits not because of features. Adding a benefit for our animals makes us feel like we are getting more bang for our buck. If your target market owns dogs or has babies then consider catering to them too.

Street Stuff: McDonalds

100% of you voted against McDonalds. Not even genius marketing can triumph against a bad brand.

Fifa, Death and the Meaning of it All

Aggregation, in my opinion, will start becoming a large trend on the internet. Companies like Deal Radar are already collecting websites and putting them together on one page. I personally believe this post did well because we like when someone does the work for us and pull together things that interest us.

fashion for life.

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