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Big Goodbye

100 days later with more than 100 posts and over a thousand views, I come to the end of my summer project which is this blog. I’m not sad at all because I’m working on my next project already which obviously still has to do with marketing.

Top 5 Thank You’s

  1. Alivia – Thank you so much for all the love and support. I absolutely love talking marketing with you and just because this blog is at an ends doesn’t mean the conversations are.
  2. Amanda – Thank you for subscribing even though you never had to. I hope you had an amazing time in Singapore.
  3. Samantha – What would I do without you? Thank you for always listening to me rant about marketing.
  4. Johnson – Thanks for the support! I wish you the best in Taiwan.
  5. Debbie – Thanks for being you.

Top 10 Posts

  1. Little Cobe: Hogs by Harley
  2. Little Cobe: Lego Ambassadors by Lego
  3. Little Publicity: French McDonald’s Ad
  4. Little Publicity: Granola
  5. Bits and Bobs: FIFA, Death and the Meaning of it all
  6. Day 40: Help by HackFwd
  7. Little Publicity: Old Spice Revolution
  8. Blogalicious: Men have ice-cream balls
  9. Little Ads: McDonalds
  10. Day 43: Little Apology

My Favourite 5

  1. Day 37: Kickstarter
  2. Little Publicity: French McDonald’s Ad
  3. Day 41: Water Talks
  4. Little Publicity: Granola
  5. Day 43: Little Apology

No regrets, just rebirth;
move forward and ignite.

Lots of Little Love




Libberazzi: Lego product placement on chatroullette

Here are some interesting posts from my friends I want to share:

Lego: Kids shouldn’t watch too much T.V. by Ben

I absolutely love Lego advertising. A big thank you to Alivia for the post.

Product placement on the rise in video games by Erika Brown

A big thank you to Sami for this article. It’s scary to think that games, movies and books all revolve around companies now. There will be a point where everything we do will revolve around companies getting desperate to advertise in new ways.

The Last Exorcism on Chatroulette

This is not for the faint of heart but a really great way to advertise on chatroulette. Thank you to Amy for the video.

I know what pleasure is, and it is to love someone- Dorian Gray

Lots of Little Love



Blogalicious: Flirting with cakes teaches you how to be a woman

Some more of my favourite blog posts:

Flirtation failure by Girl on the Contrary

Perhaps its because she’s so honest or perhaps its because I don’t know how to flirt either but this is definitely a very witty and personal blog.

Cakes, Tea and Dreams by Katie Gibson

A letter to your sixteen-year-old self. I love the idea, in fact I loved it so much I wrote my own.

What I haven’t worked out about being a woman by Marina

Common sense about our genders is a load of bull cr#p. I remember when I was younger I had no idea how to shave and I had to look it up online.

Listen to your heart if its leading you to a happier place. Listen to your head when you heart is misleading.

Lots of Little Love



Little Knowledge: Seth Godin on Book Publishing

This is not for everyone. In fact if you don’t have an attention span longer than 5 minutes I wouldn’t even bother clicking the link.

Seth Godin on the Book Publishing Industry

Its fascinating to see predictions on an industry that is currently facing what the music industry faced a while back. I wonder if the publishing industry will learn from those mistakes. My guess is that it probably won’t.

All happy families resemble each other, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

Lots of Little Love



Blogalicious: Men have ice-cream balls

I’ve been going through a lot of blogs lately and here are just a few of my favourites.

My Man Map by Lucie Stevens

Where are all the single men in Syndey? Instead of describing her city by its streets and buildings, Lucie Stevens blogs about her city in terms of it’s single men. Just imagine if she eventually created a map with density colours of where all the single men were. This might just be the very next trend.

The Candy Shoppe by Ronnie

“Writings that satisfy your craving for creativity”. Not all blogs are rants and raves. Sometimes what we need is a return to unbridled passion for art. This poem “Ice Cream Man” is really sweet.

I’ve Got Ball by Anonymous 28 year old

From super sweet to highly sarcastic. What would happen if you made all your life decisions through a magic eight ball. This person writes an extremely witty and highly sarcastic blog about her life decided by a magic eight ball.

Honesty is the best policy but insanity is the best defense.

Lots of Little Love



Little Extra: The Genius of the Everyday Object

Everything that is necessary has already been created. Now we’re really just in a world of over consumption and unnecessary luxuries. I came across this article Appreciating the Genius of Everyday Objects by Kaomi Goetz and its really just a compilation of objects that are about to be shown in the Vitra Design Museum. I love the little tidbits and stories about how each object was created, like the egg carton which was created in British Columbia (Damn Straight!). I’m not even Canadian, but I feel proud.

The Lipstick was once banned as an ‘incantation of Satan’ and regarded as something for prostitutes

Lots of Little Love



Little Extra: My Hopes, My Dreams, My Summer So Far

I started this blog to try learn and grow my passion for marketing by following as much of the industry news as possible. That however was more than two months ago and at points I was so bogged down with University I didn’t contribute the content pieces that I would have liked. Now that I’m on holiday however I hope to get back to writing my own opinions on marketing and seeing your opinions on them as well.

Here is what you’ll have to look forward to:

  1. Words! Sorry for those that only look at pictures but porn sites probably have more interesting photographs.
  2. Reflections! My friend Alivia came up with one of my favourite ideas which is to analyze some of my older posts such as which type of posts got the most views and what were some of the voting results for the Street Stuff pieces. I promised to keep numbers to a minimal (not really a philosophy for this blog, but more for my life) so the reflections will be less statistical analysis and just my own opinions on why I think these pieces did better or why they perhaps failed.
  3. Contributors! After having started this blog, my friends (especially the Libberazzi‘s) have been amazing in sending me marketing or advertising articles which I absolutely LOVE! What’s even better is that I really think these articles are worth sharing and so in the next few weeks expect to see some fresh new points of view (or an email asking you to be a contributor).

Thanks everybody for helping me keep my passion alive and burning probably stronger than before.

“Opportunity is usually disguised as hard work; that is why most people don’t recognize it.” – Ann Landers

Lots of Little Love