The ‘about’ page to this blog about nothing else, but a love for marketing.

Hi, my name is Phillip Chen and I am a third year marketing student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Hello Mr. Promise, I hope to keep you forever

I love marketing. My passion for the subject started with one simple question I asked my marketing professor: “Will you give me more work to do?”. It started off with a few extra books to read, blogs to follow and eventually it has led me here: a promise to blog about everything marketing related in an attempt to make something more out of what I love.

Hello Mrs. Idea, I hope everyone can see you in your necklace and pearls

The idea for this blog is simple. A libber is an advocate, follower, or member of a social-reform movement. In the case of this blog, I am a follower of everything marketing related and an advocate for the creative concepts that come out of this industry.

Hello Miss Content, you’re looking mighty fine

Below are the type of posts you’ll find on this blog. I hope you’ll find a type that makes you happy.

Street Stuff: Everyday marketing we see on the streets. Vote which ones are genius and which ones aren’t.

Quality tests: For every eight posts I write, I delete one of them and post a picture of an animal instead.

MOIT: Meaning Of It All where I analyze the results of blog posts and polls.

Little Publicity: How are people getting publicity and whether or not they deserve it.

Little Extra: Personal stories such as my dreams and my aspirations for this blog and for life.

COBE: Company Behaviours. Innovative programs at leading edge companies.

Bits and Bobs: Awesome articles. Cool companies. Interesting Ideas.

Advertalicious: Selection of ads for you to vote which ones are your weekly favourite.

“I’ll never attend an anti war rally, but if you have a peace rally, invite me” -Mother Teresa

Lots of Little Love




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