Little Publicity: Too Funny?

Is it completely inappropriate to be, do I dare say it, too funny? Chad Levitt in his blog post “The Funniest Linkedin Profile I’ve Ever Read” called this Linkedin Profile inappropriate or in a sense reckless considering what we put on the internet stays on the internet. Things like ““My goal is world domination of the military industrial complex, through control of documents.” and ““Specialties: Exceptionally good with sarcastic, smart ass remarks.”

I know that Chad most likely just wanted to share something funny, but my own personal sarcastic. smart ass remarks kicked in. More often than not people have no idea what they are putting online, but some people use this to their advantage by crafting what they want other people to see. Its like the illusion of TV. We think we know actors just because we can see them but the truth is we don’t. There is a false sense of intimacy. Online profiles are exactly the same. Some people intentionally make their profiles funny because its exactly what they want you to see. Art Flater, owner of the Linkedin profile in question, works for a de-motivational poster company. Understanding this makes his profile completely genius, and absolutely too funny.

“Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning for others”

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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Art Flater on August 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    Nearly one year later and I have found this blog. My plans for world domination go on quietly, well under the radar. I own an office equipment company. I just like the demotivational poster company.

    When I first signed up for Linkedin, I just did my profile like I would have talked to anyone who asked me the questions Linkedin asked. Since I own the company, I do not really need to puff up my resume or use all the business lingo that is so common in profiles.

    I update my page and add a comment about once a week, since that is about how long it takes me to come up with something funny that is not inappropriate. I feel the need to leave a comment here.

    Semper Ubi, Sub Ubi.- Figure it out- It is my Latin motto.


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