Little Publicity: Wall of Shame?

Is it right for police officers to post onto Facebook offenders of DUI, shoplifting, and child pornography?

I don’t believe what these people did was right, but I don’t believe in public humiliation either. The Evesham township police posts up pictures of offenders and includes their full name along with some of their details. Privacy is the obvious issue, but to me the idea of putting someone on a wall of shame isn’t justice, its cruelty. What will also happen when a child who shoplifts for the first time appears on this wall, or when this wall becomes something people want to get on, equivalent to a slut list. What will happen then? What are your own opinions?

Inspiration for this post was from the article “New Jersey Police to Shame Drunk Drivers on Facebook” by Addy Dugdale

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love – Brian H. McGill

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