Bits and Bobs: The Experience of a Young Man’s Lemonade

Favourite Articles

A Cup of Coffee to Your Personalized Email Campaign By Wendy Brache

I must admit I didn’t even read this article but I did get an idea just from the title: Email Signatures. How many of us actually have personalized email signatures that represent our personalities and that hook people to go onto our website our to indeed give us that call. Just some food for thought.

Young People Who Rock, CNN

This isn’t really an article, but I do have something to say about child prodigies. They are the exceptions. If you’ve ever watched He’s Just Not That Into You then you know in love you are either the rule or the exception. Life is no different. If you’re the exception than dropping out of University makes a lot of sense, but on the same token if you’re the rule then dropping out of University and taking the advice of these kids is not exactly the most realistic thing to do.

Gilty Secrets by Rohit Bhargava

Read point number 4. Its a clever strategy to get people to buy under a certain time pressure. This is like Groupon on some expensive ass steroids.

User Experience, Not Content, is King by Curt Finch

I’m sorry but I disagree. Neither can work without the other. Changing your website to make it look prettier is a waste of time if your content is not even there. Once you do have content though, making a friendly user experience can only help increase how much people like your product. Content isn’t everything, but it sure as hell lays a strong foundation for the rest.

Lemonade Stand Goes Sour for Entrepreneur by Courtney Rubin

Publicity/controversy sells. Just read this article and it proves my point. This girl’s lemonade stand was closed at a fair because she did not have a license. People were so infuriated they bought her lemonade and tried to pitch in for the girl’s license. What better way to retaliate than buy what’s almost about to become “illegal”.

no regrets

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