Little Publicity: Run for President

Fergie is running for the Queen of England position. Wyclef Jean is running for President of Haiti. David Guetta is the new prime minister of France. Obviously only one is true, and most of you already know which one, but as absurd as these things may sound no group of people are more branded and have larger mass appeal than music artists or actors. We laugh when Arnold runs for office in California, but how many of us actually know the name of the person running for office in Iowa for example. I don’t know their name and I personally couldn’t care because when it comes to running for office its all about branding (Why else would Sarah Palin do so well?). We personally may not be her target audience but those that are, they love her little sayings that make you want to barf in your mouth a little. Perhaps we’re in an age where personality trumps reputation. Just think about that.

“If you make meaning, you will probably make money. But if you set out to make money, you will probably not make meaning and you won’t make money.” – Guy Kawasaki

Lots of Little Love




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