Bits and Bobs: I Love Phones, I Love Them Not

Favourite Articles

Honestly Online: How Skewed is Your Profile by Valerie Ross

My Facebook says everything about me. Half a sarcastic comment but also half the truth. Knowing that our profiles accurately reflect who we are, or more importantly the false intimacy and understanding of the profiles we see, what happens when someone starts manipulating their pages to be what they want others to see?

Personal Branding is so misunderstood by Rohit Bhargava

I loved personal branding, until I realized how selfish it was. I didn’t want to work on crafting a fake generic version of me, but this article by Rohit makes me think in a different light. Personal branding is misused as being “all about me”, but those that leverage personal branding well realize its all about earning a reputation, and by doing so we need to work for movements and purposes we believe in.

I Love Him, I Love Him Not by Anthony G. Greenwald

Consumer behaviour is so predictable, which makes it extremely scary. If researchers can tap into our biases then they have infinite ways of getting us to buy based off our preferences. I look at the things I buy and eat and wonder how much of it was influence by subconscious decisions a really clever marketer made me buy.

Cool Company


Stop the wait. Lucyphone is a service that allows you to not have to wait for customer service. You start by calling the company and then Lucyphone holds for you, allowing you to hang up and live the rest of your days not having to listen to annoying elevator music. When the operator has been patched through Lucyphone will call you back. As my Dad always tells me: identify a problem and find a solution. The biggest or most profitable markets come from this problem-solution oriented train of thought. Lucyphone identified waiting for customer service as a problem and provided their solution. Now if someone would find a solution to boring bus rides, because bus advertising definitely isn’t cutting it.

“Your life is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

Lots of Little Love




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