Bits and Bobs: Daily Deals of Rude Milk

Favourite Articles

The Impact of Rude Behaviour of a Business by Christie Nicholson

Play nice. This article talks about how as consumers we have a larger negative experience seeing employees treating each other badly rather than employees treating us badly. Perhaps we no longer need customer service as vital to businesses but employee community as the number one concern.

Consumers Don’t Trust Facebook by Kit Eaton

Facebook might as well be a sketchy drug dealer. We don’t trust him, yet we’re so addicted it doesn’t even matter. I wander what’s going to happen when people start sobering up or wanting to quit. We might be too far in.

Solid Vase of Splashing Milk by Fung Kwok Pan

Is this art or is this marketing? I personally believe that all art is a commodity. Famous contemporary artists sell their works for millions, and even if the piece was made for the gallery, residues such as photographs or pieces of the uninstalled piece will go on for sale. Enough of that however, I thought this design was extremely innovative. Enjoy!

Cool Company


I love Groupon. I also love a few other daily deal sites but perhaps Deal Radar might be my new favourite. Deal Radar “follows” different daily deal sites in your city and puts it on one page allowing you to get all deals rather than having to jump around on different sites. The correct marketing term for this is called the Long Tail or the aggregation of one category E.g. Amazon is a long tail for books. I hope you enjoy this find, but please don’t blame me for any extra spending.

“Jack of Trades, Master of None” – Rather be great at a few things than mediocre at many.

Lots of Little Love



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  1. […] in my opinion, will start becoming a large trend on the internet. Companies like Deal Radar are already collecting websites and putting them together on one page. I personally believe this […]


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