Bits and Bobs: McDonalds and Cats. Got Any Ideas?

Favourite Articles

Big Blunders Job Hunters Make by Sarah E. Needleman

  • Big interview No No’s like people trying to buy their way into a job or bringing their baby. Its funny to see what people have done, but its scary to think whether or not you’ve done it yourself.

Is McDonald’s Breaking the Law by Putting Toys in Happy Meals by Sean Gregory

  • McDonald’s is being sued. That’s normal news but what is interesting is that they are being sued for having toys in their Happy Meals. The argument is that companies shouldn’t advertise to young kids (I agree), and the counter argument is that parents should learn to say no to their kids (I agree with this too). My opinion is companies need to buck up and so should parents (Ouch!).

Ideas Are a Commodity, It’s Execution Intelligence That Matters by Rob Adams

  • I like to think I have good ideas, but the truth is we all do. Good ideas no longer mean anything. Its all about execution.

Cool Company

Kitty Card

What if you saw a bunch of women coming out of an event in cat-women-like outfits? What would most likely happen is that guys would be drooling and girls would be telling their guys to stop the drooling. I’m not so much a fan of the kitty card  product, but I do think their events are quite word of mouth wonderful. According to my friend, she saw a bunch of “happy, beautiful women coming out of a club wearing kitty ears”. This to me is genius marketing. The cat ears are visible so people will notice, but its also brand appropriate yet different enough to get people talking. Genius word of mouth marketing and a big thanks to my friend Alivia for the tip.

    “Told ghost stories with friends last night. Now wondering whether ghosts sit around campfires and tell each other people stories?”

    Lots of Little Love



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