Bits and Bobs: FIFA, Death and the Meaning of it All

Favourite Articles

FIFA World Cup 2010 Marketing Roundup by Rohit Bhargava

  • Rohit Bhargava’s blog is a must for anyone serious about marketing. This blog was recommended to me by my professor and today’s article comes from one of his posts. This one’s a little more fun and just about interesting advertising for FIFA, but his other blog posts are extremely insightful and applicable too.

Skip the Small Talk by Melinda Wenner Boyer

  • Meaningful conversations make you happier. Or at least happier people tend to have more meaningful conversations than unhappy people. So cut the chit chat and get down and dirty.

If Your Company Went Out of Business, Would Anybody Notice? by William Taylor

  • If you died would anybody notice? I’m hoping that many of you answered yes to this question but I don’t think a lot of companies could say this. It all comes down to how we should all live more meaningful lives (Although I must admit, I haven’t found out what my purpose is either), so think about it, but don’t get depressed about it.

Cool Company


We are the era of entitlement. We believe that we deserve everything and anything, but what if we had to work for what we wanted? (scary thought, I know). Most of us already know about Groupon, everyday there’s some sort of daily special discount. Act Bolder has a similar concept, but makes you work for what you want. Everyday they post a challenge like “turn a car trip into a bike trip” and if you complete the challenge, you’re entitled to win discounts from the company that sponsored the daily challenge. What if universities or companies had daily challenges for their employees or students? If you hug a random student on campus today and you can get a discount on all your textbooks or bike to school today instead of using your car and get a free maintenance repair at the bike shop. Challenge the world to be better and reward them for doing it.

Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.

Lots of Little Love



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  1. Posted by Princess Alivia on July 14, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Fantastic post m’dear! xx


  2. […] Fifa, Death and the Meaning of it All […]


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