Day 45: Human Billboards

Topic: Are you really naked when it comes to advertising?

Naked men and women (no not porn), with writings all over. Is this effective selling? Who knows, but the idea of humans as billboards is an interesting idea.

If I had no filter the first words that would come into my head are sex sells, gross and fat. If I go past my judgements however the concept isn’t that grotesque. We are technically all walking billboards. Perhaps we may not have writing on our foreheads but we definitely do promote companies in our own everyday life. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a walking billboard for Big City Cupcakes, my Kindle and TOMS shoes. I think its good to know what type of walking billboard you are because really consider if you truly believe in what you’re selling. I personally have no issues with mine, but perhaps my friends would be skinnier if I didn’t flash cupcakes at them all the time. I’d love to know what human billboard you think you are and do you think you’re effective?

For the inspiration for this blog post see: Billboardom.

Lots of Little Love



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