Day 42: Music and Men

Topic: Let’s help romance along

Listen to some romantic French music.

Now I’m going to ask you a question: “Will you go out with me?” Supposedly romantic music makes women more inclined to give out their phone numbers after they’ve listened to it (See Scientific American Article).

I’ve been reading a lot about consumer behaviour lately and marketing with psychology go hand in hand. There’s a lot of ethical issues because some companies use psychology to trick consumers into buying. Other companies however could do a lot more good just through understanding the human brain. For one, I know that a lot of my female friends don’t want to say no but they just do and a lot of regret comes with their decision. Sometimes they just need to get over their own hurdles and a speed dating service that played romantic French music to the women before the actual event occurred could do just that. Publicity would come from the higher success rate and as long as the company stays ethical, it just might work.

Lots of Little Love



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