Day 40: Help by HackFwd

Topic: The Internet is here to help

Shut up and do. Harsh words I know, but perhaps the most realistic. I’ve heard a lot from my friends who wish to start up their own company but very few do. They tell me they don’t have the skills or they don’t have the funding, but that’s just excuses. I know they’re excuses because I’ve definitely made a lot of excuses myself before and I still do till this day. Sometimes however when we just do a little bit of research we find that there are so many services online that can help us, and perhaps its just that little bit of help we need to get things started. So here’s what may help. If your excuse like mine has always been I’m not techie enough to do it, then here’s a website you should consider checking out. HackFwd are techies that help you launch. They provide support for what they wish they had when they were starting out. Think of them as mentors.

Perhaps companies should start an initiative like this where they consider what they’re good at and what they wish someone had told them before they got good at it. In other words, think of your company’s service as being a mentor who helps empower and helps his or her customers.

Lots of Little Love



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