Day 38: AirBnB

Topic: Live, eat, breathe your product, all the while blogging

Remember Paris Hilton (I can’t believe I’m starting my blog off this way), but once upon a time when she was actually newsworthy (wow, I can be mean), she was approached by a lot of companies who wanted her to endorse their products. The problem came when she said yes and took the money but ended up never wearing the product.

I bet if you asked CEO’s whether or not they use their products as a consumer, my bet is that most of them will have stopped using it after startup. Do you really think the CEO of shake weight actually uses that thing?

Perhaps the best way for companies to create publicity is for the CEO’s to actually use their own products. The founder of AirBnB, a room rental service, is actually living breathing sleeping with his product. For the whole of 2010, he is homeless and will only live in rented rooms that are listed on his website, all the while blogging about how to improve his product and truly understand it.

This to me is genius publicity, imagine if McDonald CEOs and their children actually ate their burgers, but then again there wouldn’t have been Supersize Me.

For my source of inspiration for this blog post see: Homeless Entrepreneur Fast Company

Lots of Little Love



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