Day 34: The Clapper Effect

Topic: Word of Mouth Marketing

Jennifer Belle recently launched her new book where she hired actresses to read her book around New York laughing hysterically. When I originally wrote this post I thought her idea was genius. In fact I kept my original post underneath so you could see what I first thought. My new opinion however is a quite different. Getting people to laugh at your book is like posting fake reviews. A lot of people do it, but the thing with word of mouth marketing is that in the long run reviews are corrected. If you gave amazing fake reviews of yourself and then “real” people started using your product expecting what they’re not going to get, then scathing reviews will eventually follow balancing out your fake ones.

Below is my original post. Which one do you agree with more?


Whenever my friend gives a speech he asks his closest friends to clap extremely loudly for him. Has it worked? My friend was elected the president for our student council. This is called the clapper effect and when used can create quite a bit of publicity.

Jennifer Belle is an author and when she launched her new book she hired actresses to read her book around New York laughing hysterically. Publishers have backlashed at her, but in my opinion I think its genius. Belle isn’t playing the publicity game anymore she’s playing the psychology game and in psychology when people are seen with a product laughing hysterically, we inherently want that product so we can laugh hysterically as well.

The Message: Psychology sells

How can you use the clapper effect for your product? If your product is meant to bring about laughs have people laughing with your product. Just be careful of putting this into advertising because it could get a little cheesy.

Lots of Little Love



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