Day 33: Eventnow

Topic: Service Sells

Instead of you finding services through things like the Yellow Pages, what if services came to you?

EventNow allows you to upload the type of party you want and party planners contact you with the services they are able to offer. You can look through their offers as well as their portfolios comparing and contrasting professionals that work best for you.

The idea behind EventNow is perhaps one companies should start considering. Most companies want to be like the restaurant with the line halfway across the block, but that’s not all that realistic. If you’re a service-oriented company, how can you provide a service for your customer by doing the extra step of finding them, instead of making them do all the work by finding you. I don’t mean advertising and other push strategies, but rather be a knight in shining armour when customers are calling in distress. Find websites or create your own where customers can demand what they want, and  see if you can provide it. I’d say this would work best for entertainment industries. There should be a website where I can cry out my tears of boredom and local entertainment industries pitch their plans to come save me. Boredom gone thanks to the handsome company that came and saved me.

Lots of Little Love



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