Little Program: Certified Professionals By Lego

The Story: Certified Professionals by LEGO

Lego decided to find extreme hobbyists who were doing amazing things with their product and gave them legitimacy by certifying them as professionals. These extreme hobbyists are business professionals who gain exposure through Lego’s website and Lego gains publicity in the form of some amazing projects that these enthusiasts undertake.

The Mechanics: How to implement a similar program in your own company

  1. Identify people who are doing amazing things with your product
  2. Give them legitimacy
  3. Give them a shout out which at the same time helps promote their business using your product. Win-win much?

The Key Drivers: Why this is worth implementing

Exposure: Enthusiasts benefit from this type of program because their work is profiled on the company’s webpage (See Lego Certified Professionals).

The Coolness Factor: Companies benefit because when enthusiasts use company products in novel ways, the words spreads.

Companies that I think could benefit from this type of initiative would be Crayola or any other childhood product we lose our love for as we grow older.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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