Little Trend: Coollective Part 2

The Coollective: Company examples.

1BOG (One Block Off The Grid)

Going solar is expensive and a complicated process
Groups consumers to the best local solar companies
No commitment
Depends on whether or not programs are available in your area

The Mechanics: How does the trend work?

Get Local: Companies need to define the boundaries for which group of consumers to target. For the most part geographical location makes the most sense as local companies can serve the immediate local needs.

Organize Services: The Coollective is responsible for most of the work, which includes; finding suppliers, reaching local agreements of the services they will provide and finding customers. The Coollective is responsible for bringing together the suppliers and the consumers.

Retire the Risk: Make it as much of a win-win situation as possible or as risk-less for both consumers and suppliers. The “Tipping Point” concept allows suppliers to have a guaranteed number of consumers, while the consumers are guaranteed special deals and savings. This only comes into effect if enough people join.

Applications: How can you apply the Coollective concepts to your own company?

  1. Can your company pass on savings to consumers? Find ways in your supply chain to pass on savings to consumers.
  2. Can you guarantee your suppliers orders of a certain size? Create a ‘tipping scale’.
  3. Can you organize individual actions to achieve an overarching goal? Coordinate your consumers to help solve a global issue.
  4. Can you create communities? Converse with your consumers and create communities based on similar purchase histories.


Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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