Little Trend: Coollective Part 1

The Coollective: Company examples.


Coordinates local experiences and activities
Allows gifts and vouchers
Easy for local business and consumers to sign up
How it works

Definition: Coollective

Third-party organization that leverages economies of scale and organizes collective buying power, enabling companies to sell more and consumers to save more. The Coollective comes from the collective action of directed individual activity for a group or organization to gain.

Constraints: What the Coollective is not.

The Coollective is not a consumer competition. There are no ‘winners’ that help the company introduce new products, mascots or logos. Neither is the Coollective a conversation with the community; it just facilitates transactions. The Coollective is constrained by geographic segmentation variables; local companies serving local needs.

Key Trend Drivers: Why is the trend happening?

Savings: The Coollective allows companies to supply products at a greater volume than it would have originally been capable of. With economies of scale come benefits that are passed on to the consumer through visible markdowns in prices.

Sales: Companies are guaranteed a certain level of sales as agreements are only made once a minimum level of consumers purchase the product or join the cause. The company only follows up on its promises once the scales have been “tipped”.

Goals: Global issues require the collective action of a group of consumers for these overarching objectives to be achieved. Individual action is not enough until organized in the Coollective.

Groups: The Coollective is a group of individuals with similar purchase interests. Companies that connect these individuals will make the Coollective more than just a trend agent.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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