Little CoBe: Lego Ambassadors by Lego

CoBe: Company Behaviours

Lego Ambassadors by Lego

The Lego Ambassadors is a community program made up of adult Lego hobbyists. Ambassadors are in charge of helping extend and improve connections between the worldwide Lego Community and the Lego Group. They cooperate with both the Lego employees and the Lego User’s group. They post feedback, guidance and other types of support to their favourite online and offline user groups. Ambassadors help the Lego Group keep up with activities that are happening within the Lego Community. Most importantly ambassadors give Lego Fans a voice towards their Lego Group. The best part about this program however is that, winners of the Ambassadors program not only get to represent their favourite company but they also get paid in Lego bricks. What more could a fan honestly want?

Here’s how to create your own Ambassador’s Program:

  1. Identify a community of loyalists
  2. Create a competitive program
  3. Give them status if they are chosen
  4. Give them work and objectives
  5. Give them company specific rewards. Most likely the product they are representing.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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