Little GoodBug: Lego

The GOOD, The Bad and the UGly of Lego.

These are the BUGs that YOU should be wary of:

Website: Long tails pose a difficulty in creating easily navigable sites. Lego does its best with a brand appropriate website but its hard when there is just so much information and programs that the company does that it becomes hard to find specifics of what you want.

Internships: For a company that is so youth focused it’s surprising that there isn’t an internship program that’s readily available. There are internships, but just no internship programs.

Lego Facebook: Lego doesn’t reply on facebook. Lego is not marketing in the groundswell. Perhaps its because there are too many Lego enthusiasts to talk to, but its so surprising to me that there is no Lego voice with its customers.

Lego Twitter: Lego doesn’t really Twitter. There are multiple Lego Tweet’s but the main company itself does not Twitter, only certain locations, programs or groups. Fascinating!

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


2 responses to this post.

  1. I hear what you’re saying. I ONLY deal w/the officlal Lego site when I need info for the store exclusives but my son does like playing the online games. I always shop at for my Lego needs. The Lego Facebook page is dead where it stands and I generally don’t “twitter” ever. I just created a Lego blog myself and trying to do my part in spreading the wonder that is Lego.


  2. Thats awesome, I love your blog especially considering you’re so passionate for Lego. Have you ever considered joining their Campus Ambassadors program?

    Because I’m in marketing I find it really interesting that you don’t actually buy from Lego but from Bricklink. Would you mind if I wrote a post about that?


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