Little GoodBug: Lego

The GOOD, The Bad and the UGly of Lego.

The Commu(Knit)y concept alone cannot make a company great. The aggregation of different factors in conjunction with the Commu(Knit)y concept is what will differentiate the Good from the Bugs.

This is the GOOD that Lego does IN ADDITION TO the Commu(Knit)y concept:

The Long Tail: Lego offers an extremely expansive array of products.

Interactive Games: Lego offers games and interaction with its consumers. Lego is a fun concept after all so it should include some fun on its websites.

Advertising: Lego ads are creative. This does not only include their print ads but also their extremely visible outdoor ads.

Programs: Campus ambassador programs. Certified individuals. Lego takes their customers and gives them status and legitimacy for loving the Lego products. Reward for consumption: Ingenious! Its like paying someone for wearing your brand.

Language: Lego uses humour. For example when you go to job searches a Lego message tells you that you will be leaving the Lego website for a domain that contains content for grownups.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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