Little Epiphany: Gaga

Can you spot the difference between the two Gaga videos?

One has product placement and one is completely void of it. I didn’t actually realize this until I read the Fast Company Article by Dan Macsai. I don’t have any marketing opinions on this one, but I definitely have a personal opinion. Gaga sells ‘Gay’. ‘Alejandro is about Gaga’s love for gays, yet how they will never love her back. She’s selling a message where she highlights a marginalized group and fights for their movement (unlike the McDonald’s ad). The Catholic references in the video represent religion’s stronghold on gay rights, hence the men in chains and the puppet strings. The reason I think Gaga isn’t selling us products is because she’s selling us what’s even more important: Gay rights.

If you took away the glitz and the glam of your company, or the equivalent of product placement, would you have a message to sell? Find something of substance and meaning and try sell that for a change.

That’s my opinion, why do you think Gaga isn’t selling us anything?

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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