Little Publicity: BP

Imagine having people type your name into Google and them seeing exactly what you want them to see. Most companies strive to achieve this, to be the number one item show up on an engine search, but does this become unethical when a company does it to cover up its mistakes? This is exactly what BP is doing according to a recent Fast Company article: BP Buying Links on Google.

BP in summary is buying Google links in order for their response pages to show up first in searches. They aren’t denying the PR tactic, which makes me wander why they do deny that the oil spill was on them.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. $10 000 each days is used on buying these links. What would happen if BP used this money to find a solution that actually reduced their problem, instead of trying to hide it? What a waste of money and a publicity stunt that’s already backfired with all this negative buzz around it.
  2. Google searches are malleable and the information we see first may not be the most unbiased.
  3. I would give the whole ‘BP  must take responsibility’ spiel but its too late for that now. Companies seem to never learn that when the problems because of them, take ownership for their actions

What do you think? Where should BP be spending this money? What would have been a better publicity campaign?

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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