Little Trend: Commu(Knit)y Part 1

Commu(Knit)y: Company example.


  • Lego Club with emails and competitions
  • Company Ambassadors program
  • Captive outdoor advertising
  • Lego Certified Professionals

Definition: Commu(Knit)y

Companies that have created communities by producing a product of value capturing the attention of consumers, communicating with those consumers, connecting those consumers and eventually utilizing those consumers to make a difference.

Constraints: What the Commu(Knit)y is not.

Commu(Knit)ies go further than just two way communication between company and consumer. Commu(Knit)ies require a cult like gathering of consumers which requires the company to have their consumer’s best interest at heart. Commu(Knit)ies are not collective consumers. They do not join together for economies of scale but rather passion for the product. Commu(Knit)ies most importantly are not found or created in a day. Commu(Knit)ies are the ultimate form of long term strategies. Commu(Knit)ies are not the kinds created by services, they develop from a product.

Key Trend Drivers: Why is the trend happening?

Belonging: Consumers that are part of a Commu(Knit)y feel as though they belong. The product should bring together a group of people who have similar interests and passions. A clearly defined target market is thus integral for Commu(Knit)ies to work.

Tribes: Commu(Knit)ies are tribes. A cult like characteristic is what makes these Commu(Knit)ies possible. There must exist outsiders otherwise there would be no insiders.

Status: Joining a Commu(Knit)y or being part of one is branding yourself and aligning yourself with a group that shares similar traits and values. To insiders you are given status just through joining. You are one of them.

Lifestyle: Commu(Knit)ies show their consumers how to live a way of life, one that revolves around the product.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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