Little ProPo: Rosa Loves

Products and initiatives I’d love to see from Rosa Loves.

  1. Close communities: I’d love to see Rosa Loves bring together those people who bought the same shirt because they all share the same style, are part of an exclusive group as there are only limited amounts of each shirt, and lastly they all believe in the same cause.
  2. Recommended lists: Rosa Loves should introduce a recommended list for similar charities or shirt designs customers may be interested in.
  3. Charity Sheet: Rosa Loves should make it easier for charities or people to sign up for their stories and causes to be turned into shirts. Perhaps its because I don’t quite understand the process yet, but it seems like Rosa Loves chooses the charities rather than having those charities go to them.
  4. Smiling Faces: I’d love to see the company staff faces. I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, but without pictures of humble smiling staff members, its hard to feel a personal connection to Rosa Loves.
  5. Designer sheets: Like the charity sign up list, Rosa Loves needs an easy page or form for designers to fill out if they wish to be part of Rosa Loves.
  6. Campus Ambassadors: Rosa Loves probably has a community that loves their shirts. Get people to represent you and spread your word. Reward them with Ambassador shirts.
  7. A Movement: Rosa Loves can create a movement. For Example TOMS has a day without shoes. Rosa Loves should think about a movement they could create.
  8. A Blog: I’d love to read blogs from Rosa Love staff members or EVEN BETTER from the people who the donations go to and how the money has helped them out.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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