Little Goodbug: Rosa Loves Part 1

The GOOD, The Bad and the UGly of Rosa Loves.

The ChariTee concept alone cannot make a company great. The aggregation of different factors in conjunction with the ChariTee concept is what will differentiate the Good from the Bugs.

This is the GOOD that Rosa Loves does IN ADDITION TO the ChariTee concept:

The Little Things: On the inside of every Rosa Loves t-shirt is the story of the cause you helped out with when you purchased the shirt. It’s this little something extra that makes Rosa Loves shirts a bit more personal and a bit more amazing. Rosa Loves also has little hearts littered throughout their website. A bit more of the little things really can go a long, long way. O and I also love the ‘friends of Rosa’ links. (That’s my little bit extra).

Design: The website design is beautiful. A little hard to find information on it though.

Goodness: I want to point this out because it really speaks to the good, no great, initiatives that people undertake. The staff doesn’t actually earn money from Rosa Loves. They are volunteers who work full-time jobs elsewhere. They intend to become full-time paid staff members, but at the moment Rosa Loves is more of an extra-curricular activity.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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