Little Trend: ChariTees Part 1

ChariTees: Company example.

Rosa Loves

Possible back bone to grass root movements

Shirts and stories for good causes

Money goes to specific individuals with communities around them

Definition: ChariTees

Companies that are using T-shirts to fund individual charities. Each T-shirt is designed for a specific individual or organization in mind with a specific story to tell. Buy T-shirts both for the design you like and the charity you support.

Constraints: What ChariTees are not.

ChariTees may or may not be non-profit organizations. You’ll have to check on their individual websites. ChariTees tend to be small organizations and thus their charitable impact cannot go beyond the amount of resources/ t-shirts that company is able to sell. With each new t-shirt, another has to be taken away because of costs. These companies tend to use humour on their websites but a word of caution is that these t-shirts support causes. Charities may not want to be associated with words such as ‘kick-ass’.

Key Trend Drivers: Why is the trend happening?

Goodness: I have to believe we sometimes buy out of the goodness of our hearts: to be charitable consumers who buy and serve at the same time. Perhaps I’m naïve but at the same time I know part of me is right. We all want to feel goodness.

Graphic Design Tees: Each shirt comes with graphic designs that are not only stylish but also Indie (a.k.a. not mainstream). Perfect for individuals who are looking to be exactly that – Individuals.

Stories: The Stories told are heartwarming. The charities are something we can believe in.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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