Little Trend: ChariTees Part 2

ChariTees: Company example.

The Yellow Bird Project

T-Shirts, Charities and Indie Rock

Montreal based nonprofit organization

Work with Indie rock musicians who each support a charity

The Mechanics: How does the trend work?

A Story. A Cause. A Charity: Each shirt represents a story, a cause or a charity. It’s a small way for multiple people to help out and channel energy and resources to one cause.

A Design: Because each shirt represents a different cause, they each have individual characteristics and styles. It allows the consumer to pick and choose causes that fit well with them.

Online Sales: The distribution method is online.  ChariTees tend to be online businesses for the wider reach as well as the limited resources.

Artists: ChariTees brings together artists and musicians. This is effective in helping promote bands as well as products. This also contributes back to the design and how unique these shirts really are.

Applications: How can you apply the ChariTee concepts to your own company?

  1. Can your company fund causes through your products?
  2. Can you create graphic designs for your product? Graphic designs are cool. Nuff’ said.
  3. Can you create stories? Perhaps the most important of all. Stories breathe life into products. Stories make products into people that we can help support through our purchases.

Lots of Little Love

-The Little Libbers


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